[pmwiki-users] Mac OS X Upgrades

Tom celok at gmx.net
Sat Aug 26 05:39:51 CDT 2006

In response to my question, PM answered on March 18th:


> The problem is that Mac OS/X seems to require that all filenames
> use utf-8 encoding, while PmWiki encodes the filenames with whatever 
> encoding was in effect when the pages were created.  For the German 
> and French pages, this would be Latin-1/iso-8859-1 encoding.
> I don't have a fix for this short of completely redoing the way 
> that PmWiki maps pagenames to filenames.  Coming up with a new
> way to do it is easy, coming up with a way to do it that 
> preserves compatibility with existing PmWiki installs is
> much more difficult.
> Not to mention that there are other issues (e.g., supporting
> case-insensitive pagenames under Unix) that should probably be
> addressed by the change as well.
> So, it's a known problem; I don't have a quick or simple fix handy,
> and I'm looking for solutions.  I can't say for sure when I might
> be able to have it fixed.
> (Note that a similar problem exists for accented characters in
> uploaded files.)
> Pm

Hope that answers your question.


Scott Connard schrieb am 26.08.2006 9:25 Uhr:
> Patrick,
> In a response to an upgrade question, you casually mentioned
>> Thus, the PmWiki distribution never modifies any files in the local/,
>> cookbook/, or pub/css/ directories.  (It also leaves wiki.d/ and
>> uploads/ intact.)  So, as long as any configuration changes you
>> make are limited to files in those directories, it's quite
>> safe (except under Mac OS/X) to simply copy a new version of PmWiki
>> on top of your existing version.
> As a Mac user, I'm not sure why you singled us out.  The PmWiki  
> upgrade instructions don't mention any real issues on Mac OS X.  All  
> I can think of is that you meant that you can't drag the installation  
> directory into place and must use tar or cp from within Terminal.
> Is there something else I'm not aware of?
> Scott Connard.
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