[pmwiki-users] Mac OS X Upgrades

Scott Connard connard at dsg-inc.com
Sat Aug 26 02:25:54 CDT 2006


In a response to an upgrade question, you casually mentioned

> Thus, the PmWiki distribution never modifies any files in the local/,
> cookbook/, or pub/css/ directories.  (It also leaves wiki.d/ and
> uploads/ intact.)  So, as long as any configuration changes you
> make are limited to files in those directories, it's quite
> safe (except under Mac OS/X) to simply copy a new version of PmWiki
> on top of your existing version.

As a Mac user, I'm not sure why you singled us out.  The PmWiki  
upgrade instructions don't mention any real issues on Mac OS X.  All  
I can think of is that you meant that you can't drag the installation  
directory into place and must use tar or cp from within Terminal.

Is there something else I'm not aware of?

Scott Connard.

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