[pmwiki-users] (:include and Attach:

EuGeNe eugene at boardkulture.com
Fri Aug 25 15:12:09 CDT 2006

Sorry to dwell on that but don't you think that when calling (:include 
all links (real links or attachments) of the included page should be 
rendered in the context of the group the included page belong too 
instead of the page including it?

Can't stop thinking that in PmWiki (which I love and have been using for 
a little bit over 2 years now) it is clear that a page belongs to a 
group. To me, asking the editor to think about the use of that page 
outside its context (the group) kind of goes against the philosophy of 
making things easy for editors, doesn't it?

In that respect I think when processing an include, PmWiki should render 
the included page relative to the group it originally belongs too.

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