[pmwiki-users] Google Analytics

Stephan Schildberg schildberg at scoid.de
Wed Aug 23 11:46:15 CDT 2006

Although I use it very early on in November in one of this wonderful 
Wiki, I would not recommend it to everybody straight forward.
Sure, I would be more lucky to implement an independent solution, to 
which only me has access.
Google Analytics helped me a lot to teak that website and to predict 
marketing related strategies.
It is clear to me, that with this right I give to Google, they can build 
an even more gigantic prediction system, which will enable them to be 
the most powerful analyst worldwide. I would not waste not that 
correlation ability, if I had it.

As soon, as I have the possibility to switch to an os software, running 
on my server, I am off.
PmWiki, at least for me appeared (because I cannot prove it), to be 
clean and independent from any commercial power, beside Patrick's own 
intentions. This was a 'good feeling', is a good image for this 
software, now will slightly vanish.

To insert the javascript from GA, was one of the easiest changes/recipes 
so far I did apply. I can think better of a whole packet, where all 
those commercial applications, inclusively mapping app's etc (btw,  I 
more suggest the API of the upcoming OpenStreetMap -Projekt, which 
really is os and NOT dependent on any ad's), can be bundled together, 
why not a whole Google sampler?

regards, Stephan.
> Initially I thought that this was a non-issue and so said nothing.
> Now, however, I have a few worries about the slippery slope that 
> inclusion in the core presents. Rather than being a purely 
> open-source project, PmWiki will have some components embedded in it 
> that are of a commercial nature. There may already be such components 
> in PmWiki, but I am not aware of them - so shame on me if they are there.
> I know that at least one of my clients would be concerned about 
> having Google "code" inside PmWiki even if it is something that needs 
> to be switched on by the admin. They have no problems with recipes, 
> because they are clearly not part of the basic system and can be 
> omitted or inserted as required.
> They are not concerned about how users have "found" their sites, 
> because for the most part they are closed. If they went to the Google 
> page http://www.google.com/analytics/ , the heading that says 
> "Integrated with Adwords" would be enough to kill any consideration of PmWiki.
> Their views may be minor, but having Google Analytics as a recipe 
> would sidestep the issue completely. Most admins (on this list, 
> anyway) are using other recipes, so one more should not be a show stopper.
> Neil Herber
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