[pmwiki-users] Wikiaventura: New wiki online

Thomas -Balu- Walter list+pmwiki-users at b-a-l-u.de
Tue Aug 22 03:29:15 CDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 09:08:11AM -0700, Alejandro Pÿffffe9rez wrote:
> Some days ago I had the idea to create a combination of the old Choose
> Your Own Adventure books together with wiki style. I had been playing
> a bit with pmwiki for other purposes, and started thinking about how
> to make it possible. Combining ryevote, voting and newpagebox with
> some other recipes, and modified by myself, I have found a way to have
> a nice Choose your own Wikiadventure system, accesible even to people
> who don't know about wiki commands. And it only took me a week!
> Without any former php knowledge! You can check it out here: 
> www.wikiaventura.com (sorry folks, it's in Spanish right now)

great idea, now I have to start learning Spanish though :o)


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