[pmwiki-users] Wikiaventura: New wiki online

Alejandro Pÿffffe9rez aperezzz at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 16 11:08:11 CDT 2006

Some days ago I had the idea to create a combination of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books together with wiki style. I had been playing a bit with pmwiki for other purposes, and started thinking about how to make it possible. Combining ryevote, voting and newpagebox with some other recipes, and modified by myself, I have found a way to have a nice Choose your own Wikiadventure system, accesible even to people who don't know about wiki commands. And it only took me a week! Without any former php knowledge! You can check it out here: 
www.wikiaventura.com (sorry folks, it's in Spanish right now)
There you can: 
-Read the beginning of the story (same for everyone, but another one could be easily created) and below read choices added to it. 
-When you click on a choice, you go to a new page with the choice turned into its title and have access to the choices attached to it as well. 
-You can vote what you do think about the quality of that particular page and others will see the poll results attached to the choices in the PREVIOUS page, so they will know how good it is when it's time to choose. 
-Behind the list of choices in every page, there's a button and a text field where you can enter the name of a non existant choice for that bit, you enter the name, click the button and will have access to editing that new page. It automatically adds the link for that page in the previous list of choices, the poll system and a discussion/comment page (good old commentboxplus).
-Also, a trail system is created for every page. Trails consist of link to a page and an (:include:) of its text. newpagebox copies the trail content of the previous page and adds the link as a title and the (:include:) of that new page. This makes possible to read the exact ramification of the story up to this point in a single (printable) page, making the links a bit like titles for every bit of text.
-Creators of pages get credit below the text. Author's name is always a link to a profile. If non existant, it can be created with a template. It may or may not exist, but there's always a link to the lists of creations, edits and comments made by that name in the groupfooter. 
Some minor changes are to be made, but it works pretty well so far. I don't know if such a crazy idea may succeed, democratic creativity may be a bit too chaotic, but what refers to pmwiki engine worked out great and fits perfectly to the needs of the page.
http://www.wikiaventura.com/index.php/Aventura/Inicio (direct access to the beginning of the story for those who want to check it out)


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