[pmwiki-users] Linking WikiForms to WikiForms

Hsing-Foo Wang hsingfoo at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 16:33:50 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I am trying to setup a 'system' within pmwiki using WikiForms. The
idea is like this:

I would like to maintain projects, where per project a WikiForm is
being used to list all Projects or create a new one, using the
WikiForm ViewTemplate (Which option is very cool!)

I would like the projectpage (e.g. Projects.00001) to hold options to
create a discussion, issue, activity or files (upload), where all but
upload are also WikiForms. The challange I have is to autocreate an
initial page for each of the above possibilities also based on
WikiForms AND (very! important), link to the original project and visa

If there are entries in of the of the 'issues', 'activity' etc they
should be listed on the general project page (again Projects.00001 as
an example) throught the WikiForm directive (:wikilist:) so they can
be accessed immediately.

Overall goal is to have a general Project page act as an 'dashboard'
for the project.

Do I make any sence? Any help appreciated!


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