[pmwiki-users] No wikiword style links at all

J. Meijer commentgg at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 20 21:17:00 CDT 2006

> Subject: Re: [pmwiki-users] No wikiword style links at all> > On Sat, Aug 19, 2006 at 09:13:10PM +0000, J. Meijer wrote:> > > >    This however ties in with previous experience: in previously tested> >    versions disabling wikiwords didn't eradicate the wikiword linking system> >    completely. This particular topic is probably about one of the remnants> >    remaining.> > To *totally* disable wikiwords in PmWiki, use> >     DisableMarkup('wikilink');> > PmNot exactly. The point is that PmWiki continues to mangle pagenames to WikiWords. That's not the easiest format on the eyes. I'd very much like to see  a clear mode selector: work with WikiWords (and accept the implications) or *NotAtAll*.  In the NotAtAll mode the 'channel' (the number of characters allowed in names) can probably be much wider, possibly including spaces. That would translate in more natural filenames. There would also be a performance advantage for pages displaying *large sets* of pagenames in comboboxes etc. This of course is another step in the movement away from wikiwords. I'll experiment a little more this week and probably make a killwikiwords.php recipy out of it. Thanks! jm
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