[pmwiki-users] FAST Data v0.98 released!

The Editor editor at fast.st
Sun Aug 20 20:12:04 CDT 2006

Yes! Hooray.

Just released FAST Data v0.98

Just in case anyone is still puzzling over my chicken and egg markup
processing problem, I came up with a sweet solution.  I inserted near
the beginning:

        if (substr($datapage, -1, 1) == "*") {
	$name = explode(".", $pagename);
	$datapage = substr($datapage,0,strlen($datapage)-1) . $name[1];

This makes the following markup equivalent to Group.{$Name}:

        (:data Group.*:)

Thanks again, for all who helped with this.  I just uploaded FASTData
v0.98 tonight with loads of new features including full emailing
capabilities, a great new member creation and authentication system,
and improvements on various existing features.  Also added a small
data read security feature partially addressing Pm's caution on that

Near the bottom of the recipe there are still some development plans I
want to pursue.  Most I am comfortable trying to tackle.  Just need
some time.  The two I would really like help from any willing
professional coders is 1) double checking and assessing any security
risks I haven't yet addressed, and 2) helping to do dataproofing so
input values cannot break the recipe (using regex?). Please...

Thanks in advance.


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