[pmwiki-users] FAST Data Project--Expanding...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Fri Aug 18 18:00:00 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I'm have some exciting successes with the FAST Data project.  Since
the tweaks in v0.9 I have  added some useful new features (not
uploaded to the public version yet...).  Some of these include:

* A system for creating new member accounts by setting up an
individual user member page with any info you want to collect (all
retrievable).  Automatically checks for proper format and that member
name does not already exist.
* An alternate, simple authentication system that works with AuthUser
and the FAST Data member pages.  Very simple to implement with
standard pmwiki forms.
* Capabilities to delineate exactly which fields in a form should be
saved, and in what order, so extraneously info is not accidently
* Capabilities to email form data with fully configurable options
(sender, receiver, subject) and message can consist of any desired
form fields in any order.
* In fact you can now save data and email yourself the data all using
the same form!
* Error messages are now sent to the page when needed data is not
input properly.
* Plus all the stuff in the original release!

I have one small stumper left.  I was trying to create an append
option which would allow multiple entries for a given field separated
by single line breaks (for example a simple log of dates when a member
logs in).  It is properly saving the data, in the format:

Field="Line 1
Line 2
Line 3..."

but the line break (I use \\\\%0a) evidently is messing up the Page
Variable I use to retrieve the data because it only gives me "Line"
(not even the "1").  I take it where there are not beginning and
ending quotes on one line it just takes the first word.

This function would have been very useful for things like
shoutboxes/chatrooms, etc, but I don't see an easy way around it right

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to retrieve multiline data in a
page variable? Or perhaps another suggestion for how to retrieve the
data other than as a page variable?  An include is one possibility...

I've been trying to find documentation somewhere about exactly what
kind of values are permitted for page variables but have not been able
to find anything.  I will need this info if anyone knows where to look
for it, to add one more major feature, which is some values testing
(using regex?) to ensure harmful data is not input.  Any suggestions
where to find this documentation?


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