[pmwiki-users] pagelist and dynamic trail. Any suggestion ?

Jean-Fabrice [gmail] jeanfabrice at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 17:32:05 CDT 2006

2006/8/18, Jean-Fabrice [gmail] <jeanfabrice at gmail.com>:
> > How about define a "list=" in config.php to exclude your array of file
> > patterns, or, better still, to match a pattern, e.g. yyy-mm-dd
> > (See below for details)
> Well, I just tried
> $SearchPatterns['calendar'][] = '/\\.\\d{6}\\d{0,2}$/';
> without any success...
> The problem is that the group contains both monthly file (yyyymm) and
> daily file (yyyymmdd). I need this two to build the trail (< previous
> day | current month | next day >). This SearchPatterns catches both
> monthly and daily files, thus making monthly files parts of the
> right/left side of the trails
> So, using this SearchPattern definition, and when the group only
> contains one daily file and it's associated monthly file, the trail
> for the daily page shows :
> < previous day (which link to the monthly page !!) | current month
> (correct link)| >
> Jean-Fabrice
but you're right !
Using $SearchPatterns['calendar'][] = '/\\.\\d{8}$/' only catches
daily file. Since the month link is created using the actual page
name, it works.
Thanks a lot for this simplification of  3°/ :)


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