[pmwiki-users] Blogging support?

IchBin weconsul at ptd.net
Thu Aug 17 15:54:13 CDT 2006

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 10:19:55PM -0400, IchBin wrote:
>> Even though I do not have any recipe to contribute to this wiki. It 
>> seems that this newsgroup is all about. I thought that this group was 
>> for users and not just developers of recipes for PmWiki. I am really 
>> happy that Blogging will be included for PmWiki.  I am not sure what to 
>> do about the simple questions, I have had in the past, about the current 
>> recipes that are now apart of PmWiki now. I seem to be somewhat 
>> discouraged by no response by my questions on current recipes. 
> My apologies that no-one has responded.  I've gone back and checked
> the archives for your questions, and you apparently had questions
> regarding displaying of thumbnails and the DownloadManager recipe.
> As far as the message on displaying thumbnails, mea culpa.  I was
> out of town for two weeks when your message arrived and it got
> overlooked when I returned.  If you're still having trouble with 
> that, send me the markup you're having trouble with (or build an 
> example page in the Test group on pmwiki.org) and I'll be very 
> glad to help.
> As for the DownloadManager recipe, I think it's important to note
> that the recipes aren't directly a part of PmWiki -- they're
> community-contributed "add ons".  Some recipes get orphaned --
> the original contributor posts the recipe and then disappears --
> and in these cases there's nobody left to be able to answer
> questions about the recipe.  This appears to be what has happened
> to DownloadManager... it hasn't been updated since January 2006
> (even though there have been questions), and when your question
> went to the list there was nobody around who could answer it.
> We may need to mark the DownloadManager recipe as "abandoned"
> or in need of someone to maintain it.
> Hope this helps,
> Pm

Thank you Patrick for responding. You don't have to apologize for other 
people in this newsgroup they all have their own voice. I have always 
seen that you respond in a timely fashion. I do remember that you were 
away for some time. I do love your pmWiki and I promote it when ever I can.

As far as my problems. I have put them down and would have to go back to 
see what I was trying to do. I resolved the thumbnail problem. I have 
since posted more questions but I canceled them. I was being frustrated 
by all the recipes I tried but had problems. I have not been studying 
the questions and answers as much as I was when I first installed 
pmWiki. I spend most of my time in the Java newsgroups. As of late 
spending more time in the PHP newsgroups.

The recipe I really wanted to work was the DownloadManager. I traced 
conversations about it but never to a point to resolve the problem. The 
instructions were very straight and forward but to no avail. You have 
told me that situation with this Recipe.

Would make sense to require, any Recipe referenced to run under pmWiki, 
that there must be a valid support link. Then just weed out the one 
timers who write something but waste a lot of users time when trying to 
get it to work. Guess it hard to have any quality control on Recipes.

Not sure if I am a "bigger" idiot by living in the American culture. I 
do finally have my diabetes in check because of insulin and having lost 
50 lbs. So I may be off the American health/weight trend.


Thanks in Advance...
IchBin, Pocono Lake, Pa, USA              http://weconsultants.phpnet.us
'If there is one, Knowledge is the "Fountain of Youth"'
-William E. Taylor,  Regular Guy (1952-)

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