[pmwiki-users] Email response management system

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 15:43:04 CDT 2006

Here's my take on this:

The initial form has an option list (multiple) listing answer pages.
The editor selects the answers he wants included in the email. He then
types a short email-specifc introduction, and hits "preview." The
preview page allows the editor to order the pages (each page has an
order rank). Then, the editor hits "send," and PmWiki sends the HTML


Dear Sir,

{short introduction}




This requires a ListPages() for the OPTIONS list, and a variant on the
tell-a-friend recipe. Then, we need only code the two forms (selection
and review). If you want the content of the pages loaded dynamically,
then we're looking at AJAX.


On 8/16/06, kirpi at kirpi.it <kirpi at kirpi.it> wrote:
> Hans,
> yes, I need of course to automatically reflects changes in the
> knowledgebase group.
> So, hardcoded check boxes would not work.
> As you enjoy (as far as could understand :-) javascript, here is a
> simple idea of what I mean: http://www.kirpi.it/kirpimail/kirpimail4a
> Whatever text is on the left gets added to the existing text on the
> right textarea. That seems quite plain to do even to a stupid like me.
> Now, the issue is: how do I collect the content? And here comes this
> example  http://www.kirpi.it/kirpimail/ajaxcars/index2 which let you
> click from a list and then ajax-retrieves right the content you need.
> If I could join the two engines, half of the work would be done.
> Am I explaining something, with my crippled English?
> ----
> Ben:
> > I'm not sure if I'm catching what you are saying.
> Quite simply, I would like to click to some links on a list, and have
> some contents be added, click by click, into a textarea.
> The interesting part is to let the list be dinamically created with a
> (:pagelist:) and the contents be the very content of any page.
> > I see you're proving something like requirements,
> > but it might help to flesh out the problem more.
> Sorry Ben, I just cannot understand this sentence of yours. It's an
> English problem: would you kindly try with other wording ("proving
> something like requirements" ? "flesh out"?).
> Really, English adds to me one more layer of difficulty.
> Anyway, perseverance will win.
> ----
> Clemens,
> your experience is probably interesting, and I will give a through
> look at it tonight.
> But it adds some more software (please read: "problem") whereas
> hopefully a simpler system, though not "professional", could be set up
> with minor effort.
> I will study it, anyway.
> Luigi

Ben Wilson
"All this worldly wisdom was once the unamiable heresy of some wise man." HDT

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