[pmwiki-users] stdmarkup.php error

Greg scratch at linkline.com
Tue Aug 15 14:36:31 CDT 2006

Just updated to latest version, v. 2.2.12 and got this error when  
trying to open some pages:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: markupclose() in /home/ 
content/M/t/n/MtnBiker/html/pmwiki-sbmbc/scripts/stdmarkup.php on  
line 354

Line 354 is part of function Cells

I put the old stdmarkup.php file back (I left the rest of of  v2.2.12  
up and I'm not sure what my old version was. I realize this is a poor  
way to "fix" the problem, but it was quick).

Should I file this as a PITS or?

How do I find what my previous version was? (I had backed it up to my  
home computer)?

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