[pmwiki-users] Can subversion update remote server

Kathryn Andersen kat_lists at katspace.homelinux.org
Wed Aug 9 23:16:38 CDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 11:31:30PM -0400, Pico wrote:
> I just tried an update of my local PmWiki using Subversion and was 
> surprised at how fast it was.  Is there anyway I can use Subversion to 
> update me remotely hosted PmWiki by running my local Subversion client?  

I'm afraid not; subversion needs to be installed on the computer where
the checkout happens as well as the repository computer.

> If not, any suggestions on improving my upgrade procedure (shown below)

Do you know if your hosting company provides rsync?  Unlike ftp and like
subversion (actually, it was written before subversion was) it doesn't
transmit the whole file but only the differences, that's why it's
> My hosting company does not have Subversion installed and does not 
> provide me with any command-line access.

Darn.  There's a lot you could do if you had command-line access.

> The slowest part of the process is simply uploading the latest pmwiki.  
> Perhaps I could speed up that part of the process if I uploaded the 
> zipped file and used some php script to have the remote server upzip it.

That might work, if you could get a suitable script to run with suitable
permissions.  It could be a security hole, though (having a
web-accessable script which can write all over your website tree kind of
makes me nervous...)

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