[pmwiki-users] Can subversion update remote server

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Wed Aug 9 22:31:30 CDT 2006

I just tried an update of my local PmWiki using Subversion and was 
surprised at how fast it was.  Is there anyway I can use Subversion to 
update me remotely hosted PmWiki by running my local Subversion client?  
If not, any suggestions on improving my upgrade procedure (shown below)

My hosting company does not have Subversion installed and does not 
provide me with any command-line access.
As a result, I have been using ftp whenever I upgrade PmWiki and the 
process is always painfully slow (with inevitable timeouts and 
disconnects).  I have tried different ftp clients, some of which seem 
better than others with timeouts and retries, but the process has never 
been anything better than slow.

In balancing between speed and safety with my limited ftp access, I 
choose to customize a new install, as opposed to upgrading a prior 
install, like this:

1. FTP the latest version of PmWiki to a "pmwiki-latest" directory on my 
remote host
2. Copy config, cookbook and skins from my existing "pmwikifarm" to the 
new "pmwiki-latest"
3. Rename directories (oldfarm-> deleteme; pmwikifarm->oldfarm; 

The slowest part of the process is simply uploading the latest pmwiki.  
Perhaps I could speed up that part of the process if I uploaded the 
zipped file and used some php script to have the remote server upzip it.
I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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