[pmwiki-users] A question about skins

Marc Cooper gmane at auxbuss.com
Tue Aug 8 12:29:42 CDT 2006

> On Mon, Aug 07, 2006 at 10:41:18PM -0700, Andrew Standfield wrote:
> > This actually got me to thinking about the line length issue because  
> > it's been quite awhile (almost 10 years (eek)) since I actually  
> > learned about the effect of long lines. So I did a bit of digging  
> > around, and according to the latest study I could find about on- 
> > screen reading, longer lines (of about 95 character per line) are  
> > read *faster* (counter to what I had originally been taught). But 95  
> > cpl is about the limit. "Efficiency" was found to be optimized at the  
> > same length.
> > 
> That's interesting, because I actually have my programming editor set to a
> default width of 98 columns nowadays.  That's admittedly mostly because
> of having a high resolution screen at work so I can have a legible 98
> column editor window alongside a couple of 80 column terminal windows.

Code line-lengths requirements are different to text line-lengths. In 
the case of code, you will be more affected by coding style - patterns, 
if you like. I set my code editor to wrap, and fix the physical width on 
screen - it loads that way.

> But I've found it also seems 'about right' in terms of legibility, at
> least of code.  I think solid chunks of text that wide might be a bit
> heavy though.

I agree.


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