[pmwiki-users] wiki farm - only local wiki skin works

Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 12:17:16 CDT 2006

Try symlinking the farm-pub directory to the field's directory:

ln -sf /path/to/farm-pub /path/to/field/pub

On 8/4/06, JB <jbit at ev1.net> wrote:
> I made a wiki farm.  In my local wiki I was able to
> remove the scripts, the wikilib.d, and the cookbook
> directories and still have the local wiki
> run correctly.
> I put my skin "/twopane" which will be used by multiple
> wikis in the wiki farm pub/skins directory and removed
> it from a local wiki directory.  It seems that PMWiki
> cannot find it.
> I tried putting the line "$Skin = 'twopane';" into the
> wiki farm config.php and it cannot find it.  I tried
> removing it from the local wiki config.php.  I tried
> several combinations of this.  Nothing works unless the
> skin is in the local wiki skins directory.
> (I did completely clear my firefox cache each time I
> tested this)
> This DOES work for the "print" skin.  I had modified my
> local print skin.  When I copy it to the wiki farm skins
> directory it and delete the local print skin it works.
> PMWiki does find it.
> Is the information below wrong?
> Why would it be able to find the print skin and not
> my "/twopane" skin?
> Isn't it enough to put "$Skin = 'twopane';" into
> either config.php file and it should look in the
> local wiki skin directory and then the wiki farm
> skin directory and be able to find it?
> Thanks
> John
> ----------------------------------------------------------------
> >From near the bottom of page at URL:
>   http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/FarmSetupByExample
> > Skins (the pub/skins/ directory)
> >
> > Skins can be installed farm-wide, locally, or both. Just as
> > with configuration variables, the local version overrides
> > the farm-wide version if both exist.
> >
> > Skins you want to be globally available for any wiki in the
> > farm should be installed in the farm's pub/skins/ directory.
> > An individual wiki can have its own pub/skins/ directory
> > too, and skins can be placed there. PmWiki will look first
> > in the wiki's pub/skins/ directory, and then in the farm's
> > pub/skins/ directory.
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