[pmwiki-users] Rye Voting - simple modification requiered (display results before voting)

Clemens Gruber cgruber at uni-osnabrueck.de
Fri Aug 4 05:52:30 CDT 2006

huw walters wrote (4 weeks ago):

> However I would quite like to use 
> it in a different way - where you can see the results of the votes 
> before you vote. 

Hi How,

it's quite easy to display the result _and_ the voting form on the same 
page, try this

!!Lieblingsfarbe anderer User
(:ryevote votename=LieblingsFarbe:)

(:input form "{$PageUrl}?action=ryevote" :)
!!Ihre Lieblingsfarbe, Voting
(:input radio lieblingsfarbe gruen:) grün
(:input radio lieblingsfarbe gelb:) gelb
(:input radio lieblingsfarbe blau:) blau
(:input hidden lieblingsfarbe-name "!!!Lieblingsfarbe":)

(:input submit value="Vote":)
(:input hidden votename LieblingsFarbe:)

(:input end:)

If you want a seperate page for the graphical output and the voting, you 
can put the result
!!Lieblingsfarbe anderer User
(:ryevote votename=LieblingsFarbe:)

on one page with a link to the voting (the other code).


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