[pmwiki-users] wiki farm - only local wiki skin works

JB jbit at ev1.net
Fri Aug 4 02:55:48 CDT 2006

I made a wiki farm.  In my local wiki I was able to 
remove the scripts, the wikilib.d, and the cookbook 
directories and still have the local wiki
run correctly.

I put my skin "/twopane" which will be used by multiple 
wikis in the wiki farm pub/skins directory and removed 
it from a local wiki directory.  It seems that PMWiki 
cannot find it.

I tried putting the line "$Skin = 'twopane';" into the 
wiki farm config.php and it cannot find it.  I tried
removing it from the local wiki config.php.  I tried 
several combinations of this.  Nothing works unless the
skin is in the local wiki skins directory.

(I did completely clear my firefox cache each time I
tested this)

This DOES work for the "print" skin.  I had modified my 
local print skin.  When I copy it to the wiki farm skins 
directory it and delete the local print skin it works.
PMWiki does find it.

Is the information below wrong?  

Why would it be able to find the print skin and not 
my "/twopane" skin?

Isn't it enough to put "$Skin = 'twopane';" into 
either config.php file and it should look in the 
local wiki skin directory and then the wiki farm 
skin directory and be able to find it?



>From near the bottom of page at URL:


> Skins (the pub/skins/ directory)
> Skins can be installed farm-wide, locally, or both. Just as 
> with configuration variables, the local version overrides 
> the farm-wide version if both exist.
> Skins you want to be globally available for any wiki in the 
> farm should be installed in the farm's pub/skins/ directory. 
> An individual wiki can have its own pub/skins/ directory 
> too, and skins can be placed there. PmWiki will look first 
> in the wiki's pub/skins/ directory, and then in the farm's 
> pub/skins/ directory.

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