[pmwiki-users] Announcement: Marklets-0.9.1

Andrew Standfield andy at scruffyco.com
Thu Aug 3 23:21:30 CDT 2006

This is really great work, Ben. I'm now actually torn between using  
this or ma.gnolia.com now :)

There's only two "buggy" things I'm seeing right now.

The first is that when I add a link in a category (e.g. Bookmarks/ 
Bookmarks-PmWiki) the location bar says vertigo25.com/ 
Bookmarks.Bookmarks after it's done saving it as opposed to  
vertigo25.com/Bookmarks/Bookmarks-PmWiki (note lack of category and  
dot rather than slash).

Also, I seem to be getting false "duplicates." I think this probably  
has a higher priority than the other thing. It happens with every  
mark I make after the first, and seems to happen no matter what  
category I'm posting to or whether I use Hurry or Manual.

As for feature requests...

I'd love to actually be able to turn off marking things as duplicate  
and add things to multiple categories at a time. I realize this might  
be pretty dificult to do as an automated thing, but if it was  
possible, it would seriously rock. Something where I could maybe make  
a comma delimited list of the categories (e.g. "PmWiki, Wiki, CSS")  
would be perfect. I guess this is basically re-inventing del.icio.us  
and magnolia and the rest, though.

I'd also like to be able to output all bookmarks as one "Master  
List" (i.e. having all bookmarks from all categories dumped onto one  
page), although, I think this might actually be something I could do  
from within PmWiki using includes.

Hmmmm.... I'm also wondering how I might be able to set up some kind  
of RSS feed for these as well.

Andy Standfield

On Aug 3, 2006, at 1:09 PM, Ben Wilson wrote:

> I've received a good bit of feedback on the earlier release to this
> recipe.[1] Consequently, I have tried to incorporate a few features
> with this bug release.
>     * Bug: Fixed problem with delete tag code. Specifically, the
> markup for the codelets and the delete tag were screwed up. I had
> changed the codelet tag without regression testing.
>     * Bug: Fixed non-functioning $MarkletAddTextToEnd behavior. This
> was an easy task of adding the variable to global within the function.
>     * Bug: Slashes. I think I've slashed them.
>     * Feature: Delete appears only when user can edit the page. I just
> wrapped it in an (:if:) block
>     * Feature: Added $MarkletSplitPoint functionality.
> The default behavior of this recipe is to create
> Bookmarks.Bookmarks-Example  into the "Example" category. The last
> feature allows Bookmarks.BookmarksExample or even Bookmarks.Example to
> represent the "Example" category. This is a bit better explained in
> the recipe documentation at PmWiki.org. I forgot the maxim: "if it's a
> personal preference, make it configurable."
> If you have tried out this recipe, I recommend you fix the marklet
> codelet markup "(:marklet:)" as per the recipe's documentation. If you
> chose to change the category configuration from the default and have
> used this recipe, you will also want to correct the codelets in your
> Bookmarks to point to the correct page.
> Please continue to provide me with feedback so I may improve on this
> product. Thanks.
> [1]: http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Marklets
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