[pmwiki-users] Fwd: FAST Data Project done...

Ralph Zeller ralph at zellercpa.com
Tue Aug 1 20:10:31 CDT 2006


Nice recipe.  I suggest these changes to provide a slight bit more
integrity (at least for the data values).


<                  $data .= "$field=\"$value\" %0a%0a";
>                  $data .= "$field=$value %0a%0a";
<               $FmtPV["$$dv[0]"] = stripslashes("$dv[1]");
>               $FmtPV["$$dv[0]"] = "$dv[1]";

On 08/01/06 08am, The Editor wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a request for help on a couple specific points in the Data
> Storage recipe, and an apparent problem/limitation I'm hoping for a
> work around.  Anyone that can help with one or more of these would be
> appreciated.
> BIG PROBLEM FIRST:  Is there a limitation on the values that can be
> called up in a page variable, and if so, any way to override that?
> Right now I can set a page variable to "[Group.Name]" and it displays
> properly when I return the page variable.  But when I call it with
> {$pv}  it displays a blank.  Same thing if there are more than one
> word in a field.  It shows if one word, it gives a blank if none.
> This is a significant problem for me.
> SMALL PROBLEMS SECOND:  I'd like a few fixes to improve security and
> functionality, including:
> * Checking data to ensure values are not entered that will conflict
> with delimiters used in the recipe, or otherwise breaking the recipe.
> Should be added before line 38. Something   like if $field does not
> contain " or = or % { line 38 }.  Regex expressions?
> * Requiring the data storage page to be limited to data*.* or data-*.*
> pages to prevent overwriting of existing wiki pages. See line 27.
> Something like, if first four letters of $field != to "Data" { do line
> 51};
> * Is there a way to set the default values for select boxes, check
> boxes, radio buttons, etc, based on data content? This would be
> essential for being able to update these kinds of forms. I know it
> could be done in javascript, but hoping to use markup. Don't know if
> it's possible in the existing forms script.
> Thanks in advance!
> Cheers,
> Caveman

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