[pmwiki-users] Fwd: FAST Data Project done...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Aug 1 07:44:33 CDT 2006

Hi all,

I have a request for help on a couple specific points in the Data
Storage recipe, and an apparent problem/limitation I'm hoping for a
work around.  Anyone that can help with one or more of these would be

BIG PROBLEM FIRST:  Is there a limitation on the values that can be
called up in a page variable, and if so, any way to override that?
Right now I can set a page variable to "[Group.Name]" and it displays
properly when I return the page variable.  But when I call it with
{$pv}  it displays a blank.  Same thing if there are more than one
word in a field.  It shows if one word, it gives a blank if none.
This is a significant problem for me.

SMALL PROBLEMS SECOND:  I'd like a few fixes to improve security and
functionality, including:

* Checking data to ensure values are not entered that will conflict
with delimiters used in the recipe, or otherwise breaking the recipe.
Should be added before line 38. Something   like if $field does not
contain " or = or % { line 38 }.  Regex expressions?

* Requiring the data storage page to be limited to data*.* or data-*.*
pages to prevent overwriting of existing wiki pages. See line 27.
Something like, if first four letters of $field != to "Data" { do line

* Is there a way to set the default values for select boxes, check
boxes, radio buttons, etc, based on data content? This would be
essential for being able to update these kinds of forms. I know it
could be done in javascript, but hoping to use markup. Don't know if
it's possible in the existing forms script.

Thanks in advance!


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