[pmwiki-users] Editing the Password Page

Jaap Suter pmwiki at jaapsuter.com
Fri Sep 30 12:59:28 CDT 2005


thanks for the kind and useful answers to my previous beginner questions. My
wiki (http://www.basewiki.com) is coming along quite nicely, and I've been
nothing but impressed by the simplicity, yet power, of PmWiki. Great stuff.

Anyway, I would like to edit the password page so it explains to people without
the password, what they can do to obtain a password. I searched for the page in
the wiki.d and wikilib.d directories, but I couldn't find it. The CookBook
doesn't seem to mention it either, nor do the archives.

Probably I'm overlooking the obvious again, but could somebody tell me how to
add content to the password page?


Jaap Suter

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