[pmwiki-users] Wiki Page Won't Wrap

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sun Sep 25 20:15:36 CDT 2005

Despite setting

Markup('^ ', 'block',
          "'<:pre,1>$1'.wordwrap(PSS('$2'), 40, '\n$1')");

on all config.php and farmconfig.php files..

I am still getting some pages where text will not wrap.

in one particular page there is nothing usual that I can see...  
markup is exceedling simple... text was not pasted in but entered in  
the wiki directly.

!!!some headline

text paragraph
#some numbered lists

Nothing more, but on resizing the window... lines are running off to  
the right.

The only behavior is that there is some wrap point... i.e the lines  
are not right off "forever" everything is breaking at or near 115-120  
chars on a word space...

Any clues...

Patrick... would you look at this page for me if I send you the URL?


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