[pmwiki-users] Sourceforge project for cookbook recipes?

Crisp, Steve [UK] SCRISP at ngms.eu.com
Sun Sep 25 13:51:38 CDT 2005

Big support from me for getting the plug-in recipes under source control.  I'm not really worried what tool is used however would recommend, for simplicity, that you have one sourceforge wrapper project for them all.
My only concern is that we favour recipe authors over recipe users - sounds like a philosophy I read recently ;-).  It would be suboptimal if authors were deterred from contributing recipes to such a great product because it was too much hassle to publish.


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What do people on this list think about starting a sourceforge project for
cookbook recipes?  I think the pmwiki engine should be kept in its own
project, but normal recipes could be added to this project (called
pmwiki-recipes or pmwiki-cookbook) on a strictly voluntary basis.

Here are some of the advantages I can see:
* We can have version control of the recipes
* If each recipe is kept as it's own module, we can still check out
  recipes individually
* Using CVS modules, we can check out sets of recipes in one go
* It'd be possible to update the whole cookbook/ with one command
* Patrick doesn't have to be involved if a recipe uses a file that's
  larger than whatever his server is limited to.
* We could have a wiki (or several wiki fields) that's dedicated to
  testing the various recipes.

Thoughts?  Any one interested in this? Are there any drawbacks?


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