[pmwiki-users] Ideas: Group-based user permissions

Christopher Dant cdant at virsa.com
Fri Sep 23 10:19:02 CDT 2005

A couple of thoughts...

The more I think about it the less it makes sense to worry about whether
(a) objects have a list of users as an attribute or (b) users have a
list of permitted objects. Either way it needs to be possible to
administer all of one user's permissions in one panel, and to see of all
one object's users in another. UserAdmin and MyGroup.Members for

You mentioned that "IIRC, userauth.php replaces PmWiki's authorization
function with its own special-purpose version, and that version doesn't
fill in the data structures needed for the (:if auth ...:) markup to

I'll try to fix / extend it... hat's a good IDE for editing and
debugging PHP? I've never played with PHP before.


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