[pmwiki-users] Offline editing

Russell Bailey russell-pmwiki at saberpunk.net
Tue Sep 20 13:50:35 CDT 2005

mast at ssl.co.uk wrote:

>Is anyone else in the situation I am where it would be very convenient
>to update wiki pages using a laptop when not online to the "live"
>I can run a copy of the wiki on my laptop and carry out updates. I
>imagine I could use rsync to update the "live" wiki from my offline
>copy. Rsync could be invoked such that it didn't overwrite any pages
>that had been changed on the "live" wiki. I'd need to sort out any
>conflicts by hand.
>There might be a better approach. Has anyone any experience of working
>in this way?
Hm.  Might one of the blogging clients that the XML-RPC recipe supports 
cover this?  It wouldn't provide proper linking,  but it might do the rest.

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