[pmwiki-users] Re: Trouble with PageTemplateFmt overwriting PrintTemplateFmt since switching to 2.0.

Doyce Testerman doyce.testerman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 14:21:55 CDT 2005

> $PageTemplateFmt = "pub/skins/local/default.tmpl";
> $PrintTemplateFmt = 'pub/skins/print/print.tmpl';

And of course, I immediate located this in the archives:

"Setting $PageTemplateFmt means "use this skin no matter what.""

... which explains the behavior.  The problem is that I can't use 

$Skin = 'local/default.tmpl';

... to define the tmpl file, and I can't simply point at:

$Skin = 'local';

... since have have 14 different .tmpl files in that directory.

Is there a solution here other than setting up 14 skin directories
under the /skins/ for the various groups I'm running in this wiki?

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