[pmwiki-users] Trouble with PageTemplateFmt overwriting PrintTemplateFmt since switching to 2.0.

Doyce Testerman doyce.testerman at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 14:09:46 CDT 2005


Love the new features in 2.0, but I've run into one issue that I
haven't been able to overcome.

In my local/config.php file I have the following two lines:

$PageTemplateFmt = "pub/skins/local/default.tmpl";
$PrintTemplateFmt = 'pub/skins/print/print.tmpl';

The problem that I'm running into since switching from my 1.* version
of PMWiki is that when I use the "Printable View" link on any of my
wiki pages, I get a new window that uses the exact same (default)
template, rather than the print.tmpl.

In other words, 'Printable view' is using the default.tmpl file for
it's layout.  As you might imagine, this does nothing for me when I
want a more printer-friendly version of the page.

If I comment out the PageTemplateFmt:

# $PageTemplateFmt = "pub/skins/local/default.tmpl";
$PrintTemplateFmt = 'pub/skins/print/print.tmpl';

... then the "Printable View" link actually uses the Print.tmpl as it
should, but the "real" pages default (of course) to the pmwiki default
layout... which also a problem.

However, while commenting out the default.tmpl line works for the
default pages, there are any number of Groups in the Wiki that have
their own template files loading in their Group.php files, using lines
such as:

$PageTemplateFmt = "pub/skins/local/SpecializedGroup.tmpl"; #
customized template.

And again, as soon as a PageTemplateFmt of any kind is defined, it is
ALSO used when you try to use the printable view in those groups.

I have read up on the use of skins in the 2.0 help files, as well as
some information on the topic in this list archive, and I have also
tried to use the following in my local/config.php:


Which... does nothing -- the main pages load the pmwiki default
template, and print.tmpl works, but fails to work in any of the
'customized' Groups -- basically the exact same behavior as:

# $PageTemplateFmt = "pub/skins/local/default.tmpl";

... which indicates to me that the PageSkinFmt commands actually
aren't finding anything in the first place.

I welcome anyone's input on this problem. Thanks!

The wiki is at http://random.average-bear.com/pmwiki.php, if that is
in any way a help.

Doyce Testerman  
smarter at average-bear.comhttp://www.average-bear.com
"Luckily, no one said 'write something that makes sense.'"

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