[pmwiki-users] page-variables for newbie

Pierre-Marie Carette carette.pierre-marie at wanadoo.fr
Thu Sep 15 03:31:02 CDT 2005

  Dominique said :

> I've made some housekeeping, cleaning Cookbook/ 
> ConditionalExtensions and creating Cookbook/Properties on its own.

Splendid Cookbook/Properties ! Many, many thanks  :-))

PS : view + properties + keyword...   We are near semantic web !
Now, In a page I can modelize a reasoning

"But now, ladies and gentlemen, the artist will make more and best :  
without the hand " :-))

Can you generalize : {$property name Group.PageName} for an another  
page (not screen shown)

and PmWiki will be a wiki-system expert !!

> BTW, your question is likely to be answered with a form recipe (and  
> I sorry to say that but you would certainly need some technical  
> background to solve it).

If the user can write, it's easy : he writes your (:properties  
name='some value' -erasedname ... :) markup
If the user can't write , the form would be useful  but relatively  
simple  (when i understand the form !! ;-)

the difference beetween users is no more a soft question but a social  
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