[pmwiki-users] Last 10 changes + New Pages

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Wed Sep 14 21:26:06 CDT 2005

>1) The 10 most recent changes (or x most recent)
>There's a couple of ways to do this:
>   (:include Site.AllRecentChanges lines=10:)
>   (:pagelist trail=Site.AllRecentChanges count=10:)
Is there a mechanism with pagelist to express precedence of grouping and 
then date? The code below sorts by date, with group as a header.

	(:pagelist trail=Site.AllRecentChanges fmt=bygroup order=-time count=10:)

Actually in my case the ideal is to slightly reformat the :include to 
place the group as a header. I'd guess it's easier to adapt pagelist 
than tackle this with include.

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