[pmwiki-users] save problem

Michael.R.Doughty at frb.gov Michael.R.Doughty at frb.gov
Wed Sep 14 16:04:50 CDT 2005

Looking for some help here.

I just installed pmwiki, and everything _looks_ ok, but when I got to edit 
a page, it doesn't work.  It brings up the editor, lets you type in 
changes, but when you click "Save" or "Save & Edit", it just reloads the 
editor page, but with your changes removed.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, and I have made sure 
that everything is rwx for other, but nothing seems to work.  The odd 
thing is that it doesn't even generate errors.
I have also tried removing the .flock file, but that didn't do anything 
either.  I have tried adding the line "AcceptPathInfo on" to the .htaccess 
file in some hope that that was the problem, but still no joy.

I tried searching the archives, but came up with nothing relevant, which 
seems a bit odd.

System is RHEL WS 3
Apache ver 2.0.46

Thanks in advance,


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