[pmwiki-users] Rich text editor for PmWiki

Russell Bailey russell-pmwiki at saberpunk.net
Sat Sep 10 12:14:27 CDT 2005

Daniel Friedmann wrote:

> That's cool. I've always wanted a simple way to allow my users to use 
> a WYSIWYG editor. I'm looking forward to testing a released (beta) 
> recipe.

Thanks.  In effort terms,  a release is pretty close.  In real life 
terms,  I can't set a date yet.  ;)

> As the editor probably needs JavaScript, is there an automatic 
> fallback to the standard editor if JS is disabled?

There will be.  I need to write or find a better browser-sniffing script 
than the one I hacked together.  You wouldn't happen to know of a good 
one,  would you?



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