[pmwiki-users] Multiple WikiCalendar

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Thu Sep 8 18:28:47 CDT 2005

Hans wrote:
> Friday, September 9, 2005, 12:04:02 AM, Rene wrote:
>>I attempted to create two different wiki calendars.  It doesn't work.
>>Why do I want to create multiple wiki calendars?  It's because I'm 
>>working in a school which each department can have their own 
>>calendar/schedule which is irrelevant to others.
> Why does it not work?
> It works for me:
> I set up a group for each calendar, put in the GroupFooter (:pmcal:)
> and duplicate the Group css file, before customising it, for the
> calendar styling. So I got PmCal.css for the PmCal group, and
> Calendar.css for the Calendar group, both css files in the pub/css/
> directory.

Examples at pmwiki.org are:


PmCal/PmCal is setup to include the entries
from the Holidays and Cjc (those are my initials) calendars.

You can override with
cal=WhateverCalendar on the url line.

That way you could have independent calendars and then
temporarily overlay another calendar to see if there
are any conflicts.  You can make the calendar
inclusions persistent by using cals= inside the (:pmcal:)

At our office here we have the general Calendar/Calendar
which includes UnixCalendar/UnixCalendar (I'm part of
the Unix team) as well as our other disciplines.

It should work.

But certainly let me (us) know.

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