[pmwiki-users] sending email off-list

Ed W lists at wildgooses.com
Thu Sep 8 04:03:29 CDT 2005

>In many mailers (well, at least, in KMail) you can just tell it that this 
>folder is a mailing list and you want replies to just go to the list. It also 
>provides a 'reply to author' button for when you want that. Perhaps have a 
>look-see if your mailer does something similar. As such, the reply-to munging 
>state doesn't affect me at all, as KMail behaves the same either way, which 
>is nice.

I would switch to KMail, but I have half a dozen email accounts 
(different email addresses) and use local procmail scripts to move 
mailing lists to different folders (imap access).  As far as I can tell 
KMail wants to reply to messages from EVERY subfolder as the *default* 
email address, regardless of the email account the folder is under...  
So every time you want to reply to a message you have to correct the 
"FROM" address.  Or you can click in and change the default for EVERY 
folder one by one, but that's hardly practical if you have dozens of 

Have you found a way around this annoyance?

Ed W

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