[pmwiki-users] Two small comments (might be bugs)

Philippe Krait philippe at krait.net
Wed Sep 7 00:39:26 CDT 2005


I have noticed two things while fiddling with PmWiki (and it is so good 
that I am loath to bring these here :).

The most "annoying" one is that there are "ghost" pages that still show 
up in the pagelist index. These are pages that have been deleted a long 
time ago, and their title still appears. This is very strange as not 
only were these pages deleted with the "delete" in the page, but the 
files were also removed. So how comes that pagelist still finds them ?

There is also an interference between the extended markup cookbook 
receipe and pagelist (in the dictindex form). I like the dictindex, 
because it is organised yet compact, and there is no space between the 
items. WHen I enable the extended markups (which looks like a nice 
receipe as well), suddenly the there is at least a double interlining. I 
suppose it is a side effect of the .css used, but it is slightly 
annoying. Anything taht can be done about this ?

Thanks in advance for your help,


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