[pmwiki-users] PmWikiDe group on pmwiki.org

Sebastian Siedentopf schlaefer at macnews.de
Tue Sep 6 10:07:31 CDT 2005

Am 06.09.2005 um 16:41 schrieb Patrick R. Michaud:

> Do you mean when the title is changed or when the page name is  
> changed?

I'm sorry for impreciseness. Of course I meant the "title" of the  
page in this case.

> Yes, as written above, any time the title is changed then a new
> entry will be created.  Do you want me to fix the above so that
> each page only gets *one* entry in RecentChanges, even if its title
> changes?

Maybe I do not see it at the moment, but does any other behaviour  
make sense? It has no high priority especially because the PmWikiDe/ 
RecentChanges is not in the distributed i18n. But it would be a nice  
option for a normal wiki installation too.


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