[pmwiki-users] Re: Camel Case by Default . . .

Neil Herber nospam at eton.ca
Fri Sep 2 12:49:06 CDT 2005

At 2005-09-02  08:10 AM -0500, Ben Wilson is rumored to have said:
>We're supposed to be documenting PmWiki for its 2.0 release, not asking 
>for nitnoid changes to look more like another wiki. PmWiki is hands down 
>the best wiki product I've used or evaluated. I tell people that I've been 
>using it since July 26, 2004. Yes, it was such a breath of fresh air--even 
>then--that I made a point of remembering the date. (It does not hurt that 
>my wedding anniversary is the next day.)
>Please, let's stop asking for these changes until we finish the 
>documentation. I want the 'beta' moniker removed. :-)

Unless I am sadly mistaken, version 2.0.0 has been released and the "beta" 
suffix is gone. ;-)

The discussion about CamelCase linking was sparked by a comment from Pm 
himself. He mused that he would liked to have made CamelCase linking off by 
default. It is not a new feature request.

My nitnoid response that I would like to see CamelCase off by default is 
based on my personal experience. I find it much more aggravating to disable 
individual links (via backtick) than to enable links I really want via 
[[brackets]]. Besides, someone wanting to make an [[explicit link]] via a 
phrase that is not CamelCase has to learn the brackets code (or use the 
edit button).


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