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Ben Wilson dausha at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 08:10:03 CDT 2005

I have had the opposite experience. I have set up several sites for 
non-technical users. I explain that if they can write an email they can 
maintain the site. That gets them past the initial fear. One guy was editing 
pages within minutes of me sending an email. He told me he loved camel case. 
(I was still shaping the theme and I noticed the page I was testing kept 
having content change. He told me he was a bit confused why colors and fonts 
kept changing.)

I propose a different solution. You're going to have to edit a config file 
to make the site yours, right? Then, in the sample-config.php, add a 
commented out option that when un-commented will turn off camel case.

We're supposed to be documenting PmWiki for its 2.0 release, not asking for 
nitnoid changes to look more like another wiki. PmWiki is hands down the 
best wiki product I've used or evaluated. I tell people that I've been using 
it since July 26, 2004. Yes, it was such a breath of fresh air--even 
then--that I made a point of remembering the date. (It does not hurt that my 
wedding anniversary is the next day.)

Please, let's stop asking for these changes until we finish the 
documentation. I want the 'beta' moniker removed. :-)

Warm Regards,
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