[pmwiki-users] A few technical questions

Ryan Varick rvarick at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 12:32:19 CST 2005

I've been working on a blog for PmWiki lately, which I think is pretty
cool.  You can check it out at http://www.ryanvarick.com/Blog/Index if
you're interested.  I have a few issues before I'm ready for a "beta"

First I should say that I do not really know PHP, and I don't know how
PmWiki works.  But I used WikiCalendar and RSSSimple as a base, so I
was able to figure out enough.

I'll start with an easy question... what is 'SDV' for?  I see it used
all over, what does it do?


Next, I would like to better integrate my blog post form
(http://www.ryanvarick.com/Blog/Post) with PmWiki's edit behavior, for
two reasons:

1) Allow skins to act like they are in edit mode.
2) Allow better integration with the default PmWiki edit form.

I gather that skins usually check for "action=edit" to do something,
like hide the sidebar.  Is there some way I can kick PmWiki into edit
mode?  Or add my own action?

As for post form integration, is there a way I can "piggy-back" on the
current edit form?  I'd like to use the edit form the user has already
set up, maybe adding a couple of fields (like subject, date, and a
hidden field).  Is this possible?  Right now I have my own form
configured, is there a better way to do this?


My next issue is with the digest
(http://www.ryanvarick.com/Blog/Digest).  I'm using this code to
expand the (:blogdigest:) directive.

Markup('blogdigest', 'directives',

I don't really know what parameters mean, but I gather that this
function merely replaces a directive with something else.

view_blog_digest() reads in a wiki page, runs a regex against it, and
finally runs the result through MarkupToHTML().  It then returns the
formatted HTML.  My problem is that somewhere, in PmWiki, conversion
seems to be happenning again.  That is, links that are stored as [[wik
links]] are converted to <a href>s by my code, then PmWiki goes
through and expands the URL again, as you can see on the digest page.

I'm probably using Markup() wrong, so what should I do fix this?  How
do I tell PmWiki that the wiki markup I have should be converted to
HTML and returned to the browser?  Because I seem to be converting it

If you need to look at any of my code, you can find it here: 


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