[pmwiki-users] Re: A Wiktionary with PmWiki?

Gunter Coelle gc200 at gmx.de
Thu Nov 10 01:59:12 CST 2005

>...not to mention that in order to link to a page, an author
>have to know the exact case of the title when writing the link.
>*That's* annoying, and certainly a violation of PmWikiPhilosophy #1.


ok, compris.. (That was the reason I asked for the philosophy)
It seems, that it will be not possible to fullfill both requirements at the
same time. Maybe, there could be a kind of "switch" or a set of settings to
disable the automatic mangling?

I think on a Wiktionary it is more important to preserve case and spaces
than to have links automatically found. Access to a page is mostly being
done via the search function (which however should be case insensitive ;-) )
Furtheron, WikiWords will probably not be used.

Text/Title  <->  URL
---------        -------------
[[Word]]         ../Word
[[word]]         ../word
[[AbC]]          ../AbC
[[with space]]   ../with_space
[[with Space]]   ../with_Space

Thanks for your help


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