[pmwiki-users] A Wiktionary with PmWiki?

gc200 at gmx.de gc200 at gmx.de
Wed Nov 9 08:32:14 CST 2005


I like PmWiki and we would like to use it companywide as an internal
dictionary (e.g. like Wiktionary).

This would mean, that it should be possible to use PageNames which
  * can consist of lowercase letters only
  * can have spaces in between.

Furtheron it should be case sensitive. (e.g. the word "gift" (in english)
has another meaning as "Gift" (german))

It might also be usefull to do a conversion of spaces in the PageName to
undescores in the url, like mediawiki does 
(e.g. http://.../GroupName/a_word_with_spaces

Hm, can this be done with some patches/changes, without interferring with
the philosophy and architecture of PmWiki?

Thanks a lot


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