[pmwiki-users] Re: error in sectionedit moved from page cookbook.sectionedit to this newsgroup

Jeroen roete142 at planet.nl
Wed Aug 31 14:57:44 CDT 2005

> Jroeterd also wrote:
> As I don't see the change in the forms.php file mentioned in this page  
> anymore so I assume that it is not needed with version 1.3.4. I changed  
> it back to the original state. But both (with the change and without)  
> result in the error as described above. My included cookbook recipies  
> are Counter, Pagetoc, searchterms, todo and wikiform. --[[~jroeterd]]
> And Klonk responded with:
> With the actual version no changes to forms.php are necessary anymore.  
> It does not really have an effect whether the change to forms.php is  
> kept. I personally also use searchterms, so this cannot be the problem.  
> You should comment out every additional script (those you mentioned) and  
> activate one after the other and always take a look if it still works. I  
> need a sample to reproduce this problem, simply loading the other  
> scripts does not give this problem. Maybe we can discuss this on the  
> mailing list? -%% [[~Klonk]] August 31, 2005, at 09:19 AM

I excluded all included scripts and still the same error. I will try more  
to see if I can get it reproducable.


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