[pmwiki-users] error in sectionedit moved from page cookbook.sectionedit to this newsgroup

Jeroen roete142 at planet.nl
Wed Aug 31 14:33:19 CDT 2005

This is a copy of the error report from the cookbook.sectionedit page. For  
further discussion in the newsgroup.

Jroeterd wrote:
I have just installed version 1.3.4 and when I edit a section with the  
PHPNET skin I use then the whole page is replaced with the section I am  
editing. To test I installed the default PMWIKI skin and then editing a  
section and save it gives this message : "Describe Home Page Section 1?  
here." where HomePage is the name of the page I am editing and it is the  
first section (of many). Further the page is empte. Going by hand to the  
HomePage results in the correct page. All editing is saved and not only  
the section I was editing as it was with the PHPNET skin.

Klonk responded to this part with:
This script works completely independent from the skin. I tried Pmwiki,  
PHPnet, Flexiskin no problems at all. I assume it has to do with  
compatibility issues with another script -%% [[~Klonk]] August 31, 2005,  
at 09:19 AM

Jroeterd also wrote:
As I don't see the change in the forms.php file mentioned in this page  
anymore so I assume that it is not needed with version 1.3.4. I changed it  
back to the original state. But both (with the change and without) result  
in the error as described above. My included cookbook recipies are  
Counter, Pagetoc, searchterms, todo and wikiform. --[[~jroeterd]]

And Klonk responded with:
With the actual version no changes to forms.php are necessary anymore. It  
does not really have an effect whether the change to forms.php is kept. I  
personally also use searchterms, so this cannot be the problem. You should  
comment out every additional script (those you mentioned) and activate one  
after the other and always take a look if it still works. I need a sample  
to reproduce this problem, simply loading the other scripts does not give  
this problem. Maybe we can discuss this on the mailing list? -%%  
[[~Klonk]] August 31, 2005, at 09:19 AM


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