[pmwiki-users] Re: Thought for the advanced authors UI mode

chr at home.se chr at home.se
Thu Aug 18 01:02:15 CDT 2005

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> One could combine this with the Profiles.$Author-RecentEdits, and the
> entries on that page don't have to have ?action=diff or ?action=edit
> included in the page itself -- i.e., (:pagelist:) can add the actions
> desired rather than having them hardcoded in the page. We also get the
> order= and other filtering options that come with pagelist.

I think John has a working directive called (:linkslist ...:) that he uses
in his PDF-scheming. IMHO, that name makes much more sense than using
(:pagelist:). In my case, I asked John how I could generate a list of
links to pages in my sidebar defined by a wiki trail. To be a bit more 
specific... I have a page called 'Pages' looking like this:

	* [[PageA]]: About subject A
	* [[PageB]]: About subject B

and I'd like to automatically extract the links in the trail part of this
page and put links to the pages in the sidebar. In this example I'd 
therefore like the result to be

	* [[PageA]]
	* [[PageB]]

which I'd put in my sidebar. Notice how there's no descriptions after the
links since that wouldn't fit in the sidebar. Anyway, I can imagine this
being useful for other people as well.

The reason I asked John about this is that I'm using his teasers, so my
'Pages' would really look like this:

	T* [[PageA]]
	T* [[PageB]]

where 'T*' is the teaser markup that on the page 'Pages' would extract the
teaser text from each page. I couldn't just include this into my sidebar
because the teasers would then also show up.

Um... I wonder if I've gotten off topic now...  

> I'm also thinking we might add an option to pagelist that provides a
> list of recently-visited pages (held on a per-session basis).  
> Something like:
>    (:pagelist lastvisits=10 action=edit fmt=simple:)

That could be quite convenient!


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