[pmwiki-users]SEO: Avoiding Headings in the SideBar

H. Fox haganfox at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 15:15:09 CDT 2005

On 8/17/05, Crisses <crisses at kinhost.org> wrote:
> On Aug 15, 2005, at 1:56 PM, Hans wrote:
> > Monday, August 15, 2005, 12:48:54 AM, Patrick wrote:
> >
> >> I've been thinking that the <div class="pagetitle"> that exists
> >> now in PmWiki's skin ought to just change to <h1 class="pagetitle">.
> >> Opinions?
> >
> > Sounds good. But would it not then be logical also  to disallow
> > <h1> generation in page content?
> I don't like this method, because if you do this you are limiting the
> skins people can generate, and causing people with established
> websites to need to change their skins.

Upon reflection, disallowing H1's doesn't seem like a good idea.

> What happens if I as a writer don't want the H1 on a page, but it's
> hard-coded in the template?

If the H1 is not displayed, why would the writer care?  {
display:none; } to the rescue.

Repeating:  The skin should automagically promote good semantic
structure (thus SEO) without affecting, at all, the appearance of

> Or if I want the browser title bar to say one thing, and my H1 to be
> worded a little differently

Solution: Have title-as-h1 only if there's no h1 markup in the wiki page.

> ie:  About Eclectic Tech, LLC in the title bar for the window (which
> will be the default bookmark name where "About Us" in someone's
> bookmarks makes no sense) and "About Us" as the H1 tag -- because
> once they're browsing the page and my logo is in their face, saying
> the page is about the company is a bit redundant.

Solution: Have the skin provide an H1 if you don't.  The H1 might be
the part of wikipage heading (within <!--PageTitleFmt-->) or it might
be an <h1 style='display:none;'> tag.

You should be able to use (:notitle:) and  !About Us or !!About Us and
have everything come out right.  The document outline will contain
one, and only one, H1 heading (unless the writer puts two H1's in the

Using your example, the H1 heading would be "About Us" and "About
Eclectic Tech, LLC" respectively.

> Bad example because this is NOT how I've done my About Us page, but
> it was something I was thinking about today, before reading your
> suggestion.

Actually it's a good example to illustrate why I asked:

Is there a way to detect, in skin.php,

A) If there is at least one H1 heading in the wiki page
B) If there is a (:notitle:) directive in the wiki page

A is important, B is much less so.


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