[pmwiki-users] Proofing skins -- Browsercam

Crisses crisses at kinhost.org
Sun Aug 14 11:50:05 CDT 2005

I purchased a year membership with Browsercam along with a group of  
strangers -- it was about $20US for a year membership.

If anyone here is interested, this bargain is available again through  


Fundable acts as an escrow service.  When the 25 people sign up, the  
person collecting the funds will pay Browsercam for the 25 annual  
memberships, and each person gets a totally separate login and  
passworded account of their own.  If they don't get 25 people to sign  
up, everyone gets their money back.  Browsercam only insists that it  
gets one consolidated payment for the 25 memberships -- they don't  
care whether the buyers work together, live together, or are in the  
same country.

Browsercam allows you to view and download screen shots of various  
web pages as seen on different operating systems (*nix, Mac, Windows  
2000, Windows XP) in different browsers (Safari (Mac), Firefox,  
Opera, Netscape, AOL (Windows), Internet Exploder (Mac, Windows),  
Konquorer (*nix)).  They have a 24 hour free trial that allows you to  
do this.

Paid members also get to VNC (remote control and visual access) to a  
computer of a different type and try out websites in a bunch of  
browsers to see how dynamic elements and forms behave.

I figured that since there are people fixing and creating skins,  
there may be other web developers on the list, or pmwiki gurus  
interested in using Browsercam.  It's FAR more expensive for a daily  
or monthly account.  One day is about $20 -- so this deal is one  
where you get a year-long membership for the cost of one day's use.

And the 24 hour free trial can be useful if you're in a flurry of  
website proofing.

Criss Ittermann
Eclectic Tech, LLC

[That's o]ne reason I'm "out" about [my multiplicity].  I find most  
people react positively.  Those who do not, are probably ones I'd  
want to chase with a stick anyhow...
  -- Bob King

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