[Fwd: Re: [pmwiki-users] Unable to Edit Page]

David Sovinski aslan at aslandata.com
Sat Aug 13 22:12:19 CDT 2005


1) Ask your server administrator the PHP version. If it's not at 4.3.10 
or better you will be severely limited. If you can get to a command 
prompt type in "php --version" without the quotes.
2) Verify that you have a wiki.d directory and that it has write 
permissions. I hope you have ssh access, it makes things much easier.
3) If you find the PHP version and wiki.d are OK. Create a second wicki 
that is completely generic and move only the default install to it (call 
it wiki) and access it at
Then test your write capability. Make one change at a time and make sure each 
piece is working before moving to the next..
4) Change ALL your passwords after you get things going!  :-)  Thousands 
read these emails!

Dave Sovinski (Caspian)

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