[pmwiki-users] PmWiki doc about markups

Pierre-Marie Carette carette.pierre-marie at wanadoo.fr
Fri Aug 12 15:12:23 CDT 2005

Thanks !
My remark concerned all the readers and users of PmWiki. All their  
works must be published to respect the wiki philosophy and to make  
greater and greater the use and the capacities of PmWiki.
It is necessary to encourage because timidity is the first enemy of  
wiki : The PmWiki doc must indicate what where and how their  
participation is wished
For the markup (and in soft also): one example is best than lines and  
lines of doc (What it looks like/What to type and  
FormattingSimpleTables are the must !)
For my part, being neither an informatician , nor english spoken, I  
can participate only by pubishing my site soon and write the French  
translations : I wait until documentation is completed with the  
relase 2 to begin if it is possible...


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